GMTCARE’s mission is to provide high quality non-emergent ground transportation service while promoting a safe, professional, and friendly environment.

Trusted Experience

Over the past 10 years we have worked hard to create a vision and culture centered around caring, just as you would care for a family member or loved one. This is how we treat all our patients, customers, and employees.

Our Motto

We CARE is our motto and it is the essence of our values and vision for GMTCARE.

CCompassion - We treat everyone with empathy, courtesy, sincerity, respect, and dignity. We make a personal connection with our patients, customers, and co-workers. We remember that our patients are in an unfamiliar environment and are relying on us for assistance. Our Team is motivated to help others through showing compassion and care to our patients and customers.

A Attitude - Our Team believes in the power of a positive attitude and strives to put a smile on everyone’s face. We take pride in the professionalism of our appearance and the appearance of our vehicles. We embrace change as a step toward improving our work environment and accept that change as a part of developing a culture of excellence. We are thankful to our customers for choosing GMTCARE.

RResponsibility - Our Team takes on the responsibility of safely transporting patients within the community. We share our knowledge and expertise freely with our co-workers. We give our time, energy, and heart to fulfill the We CARE Mission of GMTCARE. We represent GMTCARE positively in the workplace and community.

EExcellence - Our Team provides excellence by undergoing extensive training and going above and beyond. We provide exceptional service and exceed expectations. We make safety one of our top priorities by being aware of potential hazards, training, and observing all safety precautions. We go above the job borders to find the best way to serve our customers.


Give Customers the Best Experience

Our Team selection process is extensive. We look for the best of the best to join GMTCare. We spend 80+ hour of training staff to provide the safest and most professional transport possible. We take pride in how we deliver our service in a timely manner. GMTCare uses the most up to date technology in the industry to ensure the highest quality service is provided.